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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”



  • Self-Care Forum – see what you can do right now to help your own body and take responsibility for your own health.
  • Patients’ Experiences of Illnesses – do you feel alone with a certain illness or condition that you have.   Want to get in touch with others or hear how it has been for other people with similar conditions?    There may be people out there who have gone through things like you have and may have some good advice for your.
  • Information leaflets – one of the best sites for information leaflets on all sorts of conditions.
  • Information leaflets and video clips – another great site full of all sorts of information is NHS choices.
  • Symptom checker – another great resource from NHS choices:


  • Eczema: Emollizoo – to help chidren with eczema and their families establish a good skin care routine.
  • Psoriasis: MyPso – helping you live with psoriasis, visualise progress of your symptoms and triggers and interact with the MyPso community.

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