Shoulder pain or stiffness

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Please note, for most shoulder problems you do NOT need an x-ray.  Your doctor can tell what is most likely going on from talking to you about your symptoms and examining your shoulder. 


These exercises are particularly good if you have shoulder pain or stiffness – especially if the doctor says you have a Frozen Shoulder (which is also called Adhesive Capsulitis).  .  If you want to see how well you are progression, you might want to mark on the wall how high you get with the wall exercises.

Do FIVE repetitions of each of these exercises THREE times throughout the day

FIRST EXERCISE – the forward and backward pendulum

SECOND EXERCISE – the circular pendulum

THIRD EXERCISE – the forward crawl up the wall (flexion)

FOURTH EXERCISE – the sideway crawl up the wall (abduction)


Reliable Good Books on Shoulder Pain/Stiffness

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