Advice when taking your child to hospital

childathospitalIf you and your child need to go to hospital,

  • Reassure you child and explain that you’re going together to see the doctor at the hospital to make things better.
  • Take a favourite toy.
  • Dress your child in a coat or dressing gown over night clothes, or take your child fully dressed.  It doesn’t matter which…. do what seems most sensible.
  • Arrange care for other children – never leave them alone!  If this is difficult, then consider taking them as well.  It is dangerous to leave a child at home without a grown-up to look after them and it is also against the law.
  • Don’t forget to leave a note and take your keys/handbag/wallet with you.

When you get to the hospital, the doctor/nurse will probably need to examine your child.  Please don’t use words like hurt or pain – even if you plan to say ‘It’s not going to hurt, let the doctor examine you’ – because the only word the child will focus on and hear is the word hurt or pain.   Instead say something more positive like ‘Shall we let this very nice doctor look at you so that she can make you better?’


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