Consultation Skills Training

Scenario 1: ROBINSON

This is a scenario where the patient is attending for a consultation with a GP for a routine medication review. The GP is not his regular doctor, he normally sees the senior partner who has just retired.

The students have two areas to focus on.

  1. First is generally the consultation, how it goes and in particular the different agendas of the Doctor and the patient.
  2. The second area is about the potential interactions of the drugs and other safety issues


This is a scenario where the patient has been in hospital for 3 weeks with a chest infection and irregular heartbeat he has been asked to come to see the GP to discuss his medication. The patient has some information from a Discharge Advice Note but this does not fit in with the patients records.

The students will focus on:

  1. The consultation skills shown in particular the checking of understanding and management plan agreement.
  2. The issues around communication with secondary care.