GP Training

We are a Training Practice and every six months we have one or more GP trainees. These are qualified doctors working at the surgery who are training to become GPs (which, on average, takes another 3 years). GP trainees are sometimes called GP registrars. Of course, all their work is supervised so that you are not put under any unnecessary risk. Sometimes, a Trainer (like Dr. Mehay or Dr. Krishnan) will be sitting in on a GP trainee.

We also train medical students at the practice. Unlike GP trainees, medical students are not qualified doctors and are not allowed to prescribe, do tests or refer you. If you have been booked in to see a medical student, please don’t worry. There will always be a qualified GP with them who will go through your problems in detail and make sure the right thing is done.

If you are booked in to see a medical student, you should be told about this and you are entitled to request an alternative appointment if you wish. However, this may not be on the same day as the other appointment. We hope that you will help us train our doctors of the future and therefore be flexible and open-minded about seeing medical students.