Menopause & HRT

A quick intro

The Menopause is a big thing.  It can make people’s lives miserable.    At the time of the menopause, your ovaries stop working which means that you don’t make as much ‘female hormones’ as usual.  You can start having hot flushes, feeling irritable, low and depressed.   But if left untreated, your bones can weaken meaning that your become more prone to fractures in the future (a condition called osteoporosis.

This website will answer all the questions you ever wanted to ask about the Menopause/HRT

Should I take HRT?

HRT is good in treating the symptoms of the menopause which can otherwise have a devastating impact on one’s life.   It can also help prevent osteoporosis (which is weakening of the bones) – something which often follows on from being menopausal.   However, HRT is not without it’s risks.   But those risks are NOT the same for all people.  For different people, the risks are different.  So, your background medical history and your family history is quite significant as to whether you should take HRT.  Therefore whether you take HRT or not has to be a personal decision based on your personal circumstances.

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