I want to end my life

If you feel like harming yourself or feel like ending your life you should contact one of the following organisations  now…

  • Call the Samaritans – Phone 116 123.   www.samaritans.org   jo@samaritans.org   Talk to them anytime you like, in your own way and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you.  They are available around the clock, they keep everything confidential and they are not a religious organisation.   Visit one of their branches near you (in confidence) here: www.samaritans.org/branches
  • Call 111 to access NHS Urgent Care in the UK
  • And of course, call your GP practice.

If you feel like ending your life or feel unable to keep yourself safe from harming yourself you should phone 999.

If you get feelings of wanting to end your life, please print out several copies of this page and keep them somewhere handy – in your wallet, your handbag, purse, desk, wall chart etc…

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