Worried about someone with dementia who might go missing?

[quote]Do you live with or knows someone who has dementia?[/quote]herbertprotocol

Dementia is a name for an illness in the brain.  Sometimes people with dementia forget where they live. They can get lost. When people do get lost, the police want to help the find them quickly.  We can all use the Herbert protocol to help the police find missing people with dementia.

The Herbert protocol is a form. The form tells the police all about the person with dementia.  The form can be used for people with dementia who live in a care home or live in their own home or live with a family.   Someone who cares for the person with dementia can fill in the form.

The form asks questions about the person. Things like

  • what the person looks like
  • favourite places where the person likes to go
  • a photograph

If the person goes missing this information will help the police to find them. Use the Herbert protocol to help police find people with dementia who go missing.

Find out more about the Herbert protocol from the West Yorkshire police website