Staff Training Matrix

We invest heavily in ensuring all of our staff at our surgery recieve regular training appropriate to their role.  The table below lists all of our staff and what training they have had and when.  We hope this reassures you that our staff are up to date in their skills training.   We hope this translates into high quality of care for you.

NAMEGMC no.CRBMPS/MDUBLSFireAdult SafeGChild SafeGGPwSI updateInfo GovInfect ControlAppraisal
Khan Ashraf20/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0408/10/1420/08/04
Mehay Ramesh20/08/04
Krishnan Sudhir20/08/04
Kumar Vijay20/08/04
Hamblin Liz20/08/04
Bamber Paul
Sandhu Pardip
Dhillan Jaz
Purvis Mark
GP Trainee 1
GP Trainee 2
GP Trainee 3
GP Trainee 4

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