Systm One Auto Messages

Systm One Auto Messages

Simply cut and paste any message (click to open)

Simply cut and paste any message

Cut and paste any message from below into your SystmOne task message – be it for prescriptions, health advice or anything else.    At Ashcroft, we sent our admin staff tasks worded in a way that tells them exactly what to say.  Other wise patients can become unnnecessarily anxious and ‘want to see the doctor ASAP’ because of such poor explanations.

If you have an

  • If you tipple click with your mouse on one of the lines below, it will select all that message.
  • You can then use the short cut CTRL-C (press CTRL then C) to copy that message.
  • Then use the short cut CTRL-V (press CTRL then V) to paste that message into your systmone text box.
  • If you have any suggests for ammendment or additions (or even deletions), please use the comment box below.


Why is this important? Imagine this scenario…

Why is this important? Imagine this scenario…

  • Receptionist phones patient.
  • Receptionist: ‘Hi, Mrs XXX, Dr GGGG would like you to book in for a repeat blood test and then review with a doctor.’
  • Patient: ‘Why, what’s wrong?  I only had one done two weeks ago.  Why does he want another?’
  • Receptionist: ‘I can’t really say to be honest because he hasn’t said.  All I can say is that he wants you to have a blood test and then see him again?’
  • Patient: ‘Well can I have one for this week please and then I want to see Dr GGG straight away after.  Oh my goodness, I hope nothing serious is going on.’.
  • Receptionist: ‘Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to say.  Look, I’ve got an  appointment with nurse YYY in 2 days time and I can squeeze you in with Dr GGG next week?  I havent got anything sooner I’m afraid’
  • Patient: ‘Okay, I’ll book that nurse one please and I’ll see if you have any cancellations when I come in, otherwise I might just have to see the emergency doctor.  I’m so worried now’.
  • Receptionist: ‘Okay, I’m sorry I could offer more detail’.


And what was the scenario – LFTs with a very mildly abnormal AST.    If the doctor had written in the following in his message task to the receptionist, may be the patient wouldn’t have got so worried or booked unnecessary emergency appointments….

‘One of your liver tests was slightly high.  It’s nothing to worry about at this stage as it can be common.  Let’s repeat it in 2 weeks’ time and come and see me 2 weeks after that.’ 

Learning points…

  1. When tasking reception staff to make contact with a patient, it is easier to write in a way that tells them exactly what to say.
  2. If a patient has to do something (book a blood test, see you again etc), always state the time frame eg in 2 weeks’ time.
  3. If a patient doesn’t need to worry, say so at the end of your message.  It’s unfair to keep patients in unnecessary anxiety. 

 Developed by Dr Ramesh Mehay, GP Ashcroft Surgery, Bradford.

BLOOD Results Tasks

  • ALT:
    One of your liver tests is slightly high. The others are normal. This is nothing to worrying about at this stage. However, it needs repeating in 3 months time and to see the doctor afterwards. Please arrange to have this done.
    Please tell patient blood tests are back and to check whether they have arranged a review appointment with the doctor for within the next 2 weeks.
    You cholesterol is high. Don’t worry too much but please speak to the nurse about a low cholesterol diet if you have not already done so. Hopefully we can get it down if you start a low cholesterol food regime.
    Your cholesterol level is still high. Please can you come and see the doctor for advice and to discuss within next 2-4 weeks,
    Nurses – please can you put on register, recall and counsel about diet +/-treatment
    The scan shows you have a fatty liver. Normally, not much fat is seen in the liver. This might suggest you have quite a bit of fat inside your body which is not good for your health. Losing weight & getting more fitter will help you.
    Your sugar test is a little high. We need to do another more reliable test to check for diabetes. Sometimes, sugars can go up and then down. So, at this stage, not to worry too much.
  • HBA1C:
    Your sugar test was a little high. This does not mean you are diabetic but you are at risk of becoming diabetic in the future. Speak to nurse to have a yearly blood test (HBA1C) and a diet to control your blood sugars better.
  • HBA1C>47 (one reading)
    HBA1C: Your sugar test was high which could mean you are diabetic.  We need to double check the result.  So, please book in with the nurse to repeat the blood test.   Also make an appointment with them afterwards to discuss the second set of results.  They will explain things to you in more detail.
  • HBA1C>47 (two readings)
    HBA1C: Your sugar test was high on two occaisions now so it is likely that you have diabetes.  Please book an appointment with the nurse (ask for a diabetic nurse appointment) who will explain more and talk to you about a diet to try and get your sugars back in control again.  You will need to be regularly monitored for your diabetes from now on.
    Your HIBA1C diabetes blood test is too high for a known diabetic.   Please can you ring the surgery and make an appointment to be seen at our diabetic clinic within the next 2 weeks.
    Unfortunately, the last test you provided was unusable. Please can you arrange to get another one sent off. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    We’ve noticed that you have not attended for your invitation to the bowel cancer screening programme. We are simply ringing to double check to see if you want to be a part of it or not. It is your choice.
  • TSH LOW on Thyroxine
    Your thyroid test suggests your dose of levothyroxine tablets need to be lowered. Before we do this, please can you speak with the GP – either book a telephone or physical appointment within the next 2 weeks.
  • TSH NORMAL on Thyroxine
    Your thyroid test is normal,please stay on the current dose of levothyroxine
  • TSH HIGH on Thyroxine
    Your thyroid test suggests your dose of levothyroxine tablets need to be increased. Before we do this, please can you speak with the GP – either book a telephone or physical appointment within the next 2 weeks.
  • U&E
    The blood test for your kidneys is not as good before. But it can go up and down and therefore we need to double check it in XXX WEEKS. Please can you arrange to have it repeated. Nothing too much to worry about at this stage.
  • VIT D <20:
    Your vitamin D level is very low. Don’t worry, it isn’t serious but it can generally make you feel tired with a few general aches and pains. Therfore, please come to see the doctor within the next 4 weeks to talk more about this.
  • VIT D 21-75 :
    Your bloods show a slightly low vitamin D level – this isn’t something to worry too much about. It can cause tiredness and aches in the body. So, please ask your local pharmacy for some vitamin D tablets. They are cheap.

X-ray/USS/CT/MRI/BMD Results Tasks

    The joints that were x-ray’d show signs of wear that is common with age. If you’ve pain that is difficult to cope with, please make a doctor’s appointment.
  • CXR – LRTI
    Your chest x-ray showed an infection. The antibiotics should clear it up. If you have not got antibiotics, please come and see the GP ASAP. However, the x-ray department will x-ray you again in 6 weeks. Please see GP 2 weeks after that.
    We have your bone density scan report back and it looks like you have weak bones. Don’t worry about this too much. Come and see the doctor within the next 4 weeks to talk about it and what can be done.


URINE Results Tasks

    Your urine tests suggests you may have water infection. However,if you do not have any urinary symptoms (like pain or burning), we suggest we repeat the urine test,in a red topped bottle, before we consider treatment.
    Your urine test suggest you may have urine infection. Don’t worry too much but please discuss this with your GP as you may need treatment for this. You can book a telephone consultation which may be easier for you.
    Your urine needs repeating. It shows a few cells that shouldn’t be there but can often be a result of a recent water infection. We just need to repeat it to make sure it is gone. Please can you bring another sample in next week.

Medication Tasks

  • ANALGESICS/OTC: Dear patient, You may also find it helpful to know that you can buy many medicines over the counter (like Gaviscon, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen etc) without the need for a prescription from your GP. Please talk to your pharmacist about it.
  • BACK UP MEDICATION eg FOR HOLIDAY: Dear Patient, It is practice policy NOT to provide a back up supply of medication for ‘just in case’ scenarios (e.g. calpol for children on holiday). If you need these, you can buy them from local chemists abroad.
  • COUGH MIXTURES: Dear patient, as a practice we tend not to prescribe cough mixtures anymore because they are of debatable benefit.  If you still want a cough mixture, we suggest you buy it from the chemist. Pharmacists are experts in these matters.
  • GTN: Dear patient, if you are using this medication too frequently, please make sure you see  you GP for a review and tell them.  Ashcroft Surgery.
  • Rx NOT ON REPEAT: Dear Pt, You have requested medication not on your repeat prescription list.   Unless a doctor has told you to continue taking it repeatedly, you should not be taking it again and again.  Speak a Dr if you still require it.
  • Rx NOT ON REPEAT: Dear Pt, You have requested medication not on your repeat prescription list.  Just because you might have had it in the past doesn’t mean you can have it again without further discussion.  Speak a doctor if you still require it.
  • PARACETAMOL: Dear Pt,  It is practice policy to provide paracetamol ONLY when the patient is ill and not as a back-up supply in case something happens.  If the patient is ill, come & see the doctor, otherwise buy paracetamol from the local chemist.
  • H PYLORI test  please ask patient to come and see dr about his stomach test results within next 4 weeks
  • DNA – Send  one more letter saying that our policy is that after 3 DNAs we normally remove patients.  On this one and final occaision, the practice has decided to allow him to remain on our practice list.  But any more – he will be removed
  • HOME BP READINGS – please can you ring this patient and let her have a BP machine for a week and tell her how and what to record.  many thanks.

Texting: Contraceptive Choices

Texting: Sexually Transmitted Infections


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