Quetiapine Prescribing

Practice Leads

  • Doctors:
  • Nurse:
  • Pharmacist: Sadia Khan & Shoaib

Date Reviewed

6th Sept 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Switching over to SR:

Dear Colleague

Please find attached details of switching from quetiapine m/r to standard release preparations (this forms part of this year’s QIPP Engagement Scheme) and is given as an option on Optimise Rx. If for any reason a patient is unsuitable for this switch it should be clearly documented with the patient’s record stating the reason for this action. If a hospital discharge is received for any modified –release preparation this should be discussed with hospital as it has been agreed between BDCFT and the CCG’s that m/r preparation should not be prescribed EXCEPT in exceptional circumstances.


May we also bring to your attention the following monitoring requirements:

  • TFT’s - annual (NICE guidance)
  • Prolactin level at the start, at 6m, then annually.
  • FBC, U/Es and LFT at the start, then annually
  • Blood lipids and weight measured at start, then monthly during the first three months, annually thereafter.
  • Fasting blood glucose - measured at baseline, at 4 - 6 months, then annually.
  • Before initiating any antipsychotic drug an ECG is be required.
  • Blood Pressure should be monitored before starting treatment and frequently during dose titration.

** Please note that the above monitoring does not require  carrying out after switching from modified release to standard release, monitoring only required after initial prescribing and then as described above**