Private Letters & Medical Reports Protocol

Practice Leads

  • Doctors: Sudhir Krishnan
  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Please note this includes insurance reports and all other medical reports, including patient letter requests.

Stepwise protocol for Admin:

  1. Obtain the request from the patient in writing, along with their written consent
  2. Payment must be agreed with patient and collected at the time of the request (for patient request letters, do not progress to step 3 until payment collected)
  3. Pass onto the nominated administrative staff member, who will log this and allocate evenly to all doctors irrespective of whether they are working that day
  4. Inform patient that the letter should be ready within 4 weeks

Who to allocate reports to:

  • If a staff member is not working for 5 or more consecutive working days, please do not allocate any reports until they are back at work.
  • All partners and salaried GPs can be allocated reports.
  • GP registrars can be allocated reports once their trainer has given confirmation.  Please ask their GP trainer first.
  • All other GPs (including locum GPs), should not be allocated reports unless confirmed by the practice manager.

Notes for doctors

  • If a patient requests a letter, please signpost the patient to the reception, who will go through the protocol above.  Do not take the forms from them.
  • Doctors should aim to have completed report within 2 weeks in general, but ensure that the report is completed within 4 weeks.
  • Please return the completed reports to the named administrator.