Tennis elbow exercises

Latest research suggest that something called ‘eccentric exercises’ are more effective in treating tennis elbow than repeated anti-inflammatory medication or steroid injections.    At one time, doctors used to think it was caused by inflammation, but we now know it is not.   The cause is still unknown but the current theory focuses on a chronic degenerative condition – which is why these exercises will help.

At Ashcroft surgery, we’ve searched high and low for good videos demonstrating eccentric exercises for Tennis Elbow.   Many of those on youtube aren’t particularly good or are over-complicated.    Although the video below is in Spanish, it is subtitled in English.   We’ve chosen this one because the visuals are very clear and they show you how eccentric exercises can be easily done in one’s home.    By the way, if you don’t have a small set of 1kg weights as in the video, try a can of Baked Beans.

And remember – Tennis Elbow won’t get better if you don’t do these exercises.  You should do around three sets of 10 (or as much as you can if it is too painful), THREE times a day for around 2-4 weeks.  There’s no point going back to your doctor if you haven’t really put your heart into these exercises.   Anyway, click on the video below to see them now.

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