Palliative Care Multi-team Meetings

Practice Leads

  • Doctors: Ramesh Mehay
  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Ashcroft surgery, as part of its weekly PLT programme,  holds a bi-monthly multidisciplinary team meeting in which palliative care patients are discussed.  The session is attended by the practice's GPs, Nurses, District Nurses and a MacMillan nurse. The outcome of the meeting is recorded in each individual patient's medical notes.

Aims of the meetings

  • To look at all aspects of patient care (holistic care - physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social).
  • To improve communication across the teams – especially when acute issues occur with the patient, teams are aware.
  • To ensure patients wishes are known and included
  • To ensure the needs of carers are considered
  • To promote a good death when the time eventually comes.

Types of patients discussed

  • To discuss newly diagnosed palliative care patients.
  • To review current patient list who are stable.
  • To discuss current patient list who are experiencing difficulty or deteriorating.
  • To discuss recent deaths - to see what lesson's can be learned.