Medication – ordering, handling and storing

Practice Leads

  • Nurse: Chantelle Kerin

Date Reviewed

21 July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Arrival of Medications

For any deliveries of medication, the front desk admin must inform a practice nurse (PN) so the PN can put them into the correct storage.  Any which are refrigerated (e.g. vaccinations and injections) must be immediately dealt with to maintain the cold chain.

Storage of Medications

These will be stored either in the drug cupboard or a drug fridge. An emergency drug box is also located with the other emergency kit by the fire door and the post room.  Medications awaiting disposal is located in the cupboard below the ECG PC. A practice agreed list of drugs and stock levels is to be adhered to.

The two drug fridge temperatures are checked and recorded twice per day Monday to Friday to ensure within the recommended temperature range. If fridge temperatures are NOT within recommended range, you must report it immediately to the Practice Manager or Asst Practice Manager.

Issue of Medications

Any drugs taken from the drug cupboard must be entered in the practice drug book by the person making the withdrawal. If the person is taking the last one/two, please inform Chantelle Kerin.  The person making the withdrawal must check the expiry date of the item being taken, taking the stock with the least remaining time left.

Checking Expiry Dates

Chantelle Kerin (HCA) is the identified practice person, who regularly reviews the drugs (at least once per 6 months), to ensure the drug book stock level matches with the actual stock and the out of date dates.

  • She will also check the emergency drug box. Any drugs within 3 months will have a post it attached so used first.
  • The emergency kit is more frequently checked.
  • Another nurse will complete if Chantelle Kerin is away.
  • Two clinical staff should complete these date checks. Any needing replacement will be informed to the Practice Manager or Assistant Practice Manager for ordering.

Disposal of Medication – by practice & patient

It is recognised by the practice that some patients will focus the return of their unwanted medication to the practice. Although we could refuse this and direct them to the chemist, we do not want to see any patient then not safely dispose of them. So, any unwanted medication handed in from patients and our own unwanted or out of date stock, should be placed in the disused medication box in the Practice Manager's cupboard. This box will then be emptied into a bag and handed to the chemist when they attend the surgery.