Induction Programme for New Staff

Practice Leads

  • Doctors: Ramesh Mehay & Sudhir Krishnan
  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Welcome to our practice.   We hope you like working here.   We feel that Ashcroft Surgery provides an environment for staff in which everyone respects and likes one another - where everyone is treated as equal.   We also feel that we are a relaxed bunch of people with a good sense of humour.  Although it can be stressful here at times, we keep each other going.  We work together (collaboratively) to help each other out without having to be asked.  Most importantly, we feel we have a good positive team spirit, which we hope you will be part of too.  

Please read this page carefully.   There's a lot of information here and you may wish to read bits of it over the next few days to help you understand and remember it better.   If there is anything that you don't understand, please speak to a colleague or the Assistant/Practice Manager. 

Induction is the process whereby a new member of the practice team, whether staff or partner, acquires sufficient information, knowledge and skills to work effectively within the practice.

There is no specific legislation relating to inducting new staff other than what is in your Contract of Employment, i.e. all employers are required to behave reasonably, to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and confidence and to provide a safe system of work, complying with health and safety legislation.  The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 requires employers to provide adequate instruction and training to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities and the practices and procedures required to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others.

However, induction training is crucial to settling in new members of staff and ensuring that they make a contribution to the work of the practice as quickly as possible.  The practice uses an induction checklist to ensure all necessary items are covered (which also serves as a record of the induction).

Purpose of Induction

The purposes of induction are:-

  1. to help the you settle in and stay with the practice;
  2. to provide you with an understanding of the practice, the main terms and conditions of employment (including health and safety issues) and an awareness of the roles of other team members.
  3. to get the most effective performance from you in the shortest possible time;

This process of assimilation does not happen naturally.  Even the most self-confident people experience some form of anxiety during their first few weeks at work.  This anxiety can be focused on the skills and knowledge needed for the new job but, even more importantly, the interpersonal skills required to fit into the new organisation and establish relationships with others.  Your training and emotional needs need to be addressed through a planned induction training programme.   The Practice Manager will help:

  1. determine your training and other needs
  2. devise a programme and schedule to meet these needs
  3. brief and train you up for the job - and much of this may be delegated to key personnel with special expertise
  4. you understand the principles of Confidentiality and  take you through our Health and Safety protocol
  5. Esnure a trainer (usually the line manager) and mentor are assigned to you
  6. Put as much as possible in writing – for example, pointing you to well-written protocols and procedures to ease you into the practice’s systems
  7. Explains the training programme to you; this will help allay anxieties and emphasise the importance with which the practice views the quality work and training and the regard in which it holds its staff.

Our Induction Programme

There are no set rules to designing and delivering an effective induction programme.  The content, method, time period and the “trainer” will depend on what the practice needs, your responsibilities and the position of the job.  Your line manager will oversee the whole induction training programme - some of which may be delivered by him or her but other areas delegated to more appropriately trained staff.   Doctors will be inducted by a fellow doctor within the practice.

The basic needs of all new recruits are a familiarity with:-

  • the practice team
  • the practice buildings and surroundings
  • the main responsibilities and tasks of the job
  • the terms and conditions of employment (including issues of confidentiality)
  • health and safety issues
  • the management style and structure of the practice
  • the organisation.