Have you got long-standing pain?

There is a new programme in Bradford to help patients with long-standing (chronic) pain.  One of the key aims is to maximise the value that patients with chronic pain have their doctors by ensuring they are armed with the right questions when going to consultations.  You will also meet other people living with long-standing pain where you can exchange ways in which different people cope or things which others have found helpful.

We know that long-standing pain is debilitating.   We know it often causes anxiety and depression.  People affected often end up giving up their jobs, careers and sometimes independence.  And it affects relationships leading to despair.   But it needn’t be.  This is where this service can help.  For example, one of the many things we have is a teacher who can help you learn something called mindfulness and relaxation breathing.

  • When is it?   Friday mornings
  • Where is it? The Smile Centre at St Cuthberts Church in Wrose
  • How do I book?   You can come and go as you please.   Just pop in on Friday morning. from 10-12.30.   You do NOT need a referral from your GP or Specialist.


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