Fraud Prevention @ Ashcroft

Practice Leads

  • Doctors: Ramesh Mehay & Sudhir Krishnan
  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

To help prevent fraud, we have implemented the following...

  • One partner is responsible, with the manager, for business and financial affairs
  • Bank accounts are only operable with at least two signatories.  Cheques should be signed by two signatories.  The number on non-partner signatories should be restricted.
  • Payments made by BACS require one partner's signature
  • The same individual should, where possible, not be both payee and authorising signatory.
  • The practice should avoid undue reliance on one member of staff for financial and business controls
  • All income and expenditure is recorded and reconciled with a bank statement.
  • Staff are never paid in cash for work undertaken
  • There is a written procedure for using petty cash.
  • Purchases of equipment over a certain cost are only made with the prior approval of a partner (£100).
  • Approval to complete can be given for a specific process to a specific individual  ie for BACS
  • All cheques signed should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, such as an invoice.
  • The practice should ensure where possible that one individual does not place an order, authorise the invoice AND sign the cheque.