Disaster planning and Business Recovery plan

Practice Leads

  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th July 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017


  • The Disaster Handling and Business Recovery Plan is intended to help the practice overcome any unexpected disaster to its premises, key personnel or to any important systems that it relies upon in its day to day operations
  • Responsibility for maintenance of the plan lies with the manager (plan holder), and it should be reviewed and updated annually.
  • The plan holder is also responsible for co-ordinating any response under the plan. If the plan holder is unavailable, this duty will fall to the deputy plan holder, Assistant Manager.
  • Copies of this document, together with copies of the insurance policy and other relevant documents, are to be kept off the premises by both the plan holder and deputy plan holder.


0113 8252700

Scope of the plan

  • The plan is designed to enable the practice to resume activities whether the situation is one of true disaster or whether there is simply partial loss of certain facilities.
  • As such, it covers a broad spectrum of potential situations that may impact on the ability of the practice to continue its normal business either short term or long term.



Gas Escapes

This is the procedure ‘all building occupiers’ should follow in the event of a suspected gas escape:-

On discovering a gas escape or suspected gas escape the following action must be taken immediately:-

  1. Extinguish all naked flames / cigarettes. Do not switch on or off any electrical lighting, equipment or activate the fire alarm.
  2. Turn off the gas supply service in the affected area of the building (if appropriate) and notify other occupiers. The nearest gas isolator valve should be labelled.
  3. Evacuate the area immediately - the whole building if necessary.
  4. Open windows and doors to ventilate the affected area.
  5. Telephone: BRITISH GAS (TRANSCO) ON 0800 111999


Information that should be reported:-

  1. Callers name, address and telephone number (including organisations name).
  2. Where the smell of gas is most noticeable.
  3. When the smell of gas was first noticed.
  4. Whether the gas has been turned off.
  5. Is there any smell of gas outside.
  6. Are there any special instructions for access.

Ensure a record or job number is kept.


Where there is any possibility of a flammable or explosive atmosphere being present in the building as a result of the leak then the fire alarm should not be used in any circumstances, including a possible gas leak.

It is not possible to be sure that the spark energies associated with the operation of some alarm components will not trigger an explosion.

In this case the evacuation should proceed by word of mouth through the building. On being informed, all occupants, including Fire Wardens / Nominated Fire Officers should proceed as though the alarm were sounding.



Guidance on dealing with Practice faults


  • Intruder – ProActive maintenance – 0113 229 5663
  • Fire doors open – ProActive maintenance – 0113 229 5663
  • Fire –Proactive maintenance – 0113229 5663


  • ProActive Maintenance 0113 229 5663


  • AquaBright – 01924 664311

Clinical System

  • Systmone – C/o PCT HIS – 01274 237777
  • Smartcards – Reset, Blocked, RO forms – Chris or Pam,
  • Smartcards  - Passwords (Temporarily) – Vicky, Pam, Chris

Clinical waste

  • Initial medical services – 01132 042 400


  • ProActive Maintenance 0113 229 5663

Electricity Supply

  • Internal is ProActive,
  • External fault – C/o BDCT Estates

Electric Door Locks

  • ProActive Maintenance 0113 229 5663


  • Medical-C/o Denes 01943 601212
  • Calibration C/o Calibration UK.
  • Office – CSS Media or Denes – Linda holds prices etc

Gas Supply

Heating (Boilers/Radiators)

  • ProActive Maintenance 0113 229 5663


  • Buildings– C/o Landlord – Zurich - LB630767 – 01243 793700.
  • Contents –Towergate – 01438 739891 – Includes employers liability.


  • ProActive Maintenance – 0113 229 5663 – sub let to Express lifts.

PC’s, Printers – Ashcroft Surgery & Midwives

  • C/o PCT HIS – 01274 237777
  • BDCT staff – they contact own IT @ BDCT.

Roller Shutters

  • ProActive Maintenance 0113 229 5663

 Security, Sanitary bins

  • (PHI) – BDCT


  • Practice Equipment & lines C/o Chilli telecom – in hours 0113 340 0019 or 0843 5157350, OOH – email operations@chillitelecom.co.uk
  • Lift & Alarms lines – BT Redcare lines
  • Provider service areas - Lines NTL Telewest – 0800 953 44 99, Phones - CCG HIS – 01274 237777.

Waste (Trade)

  • AWM – 0845 456 7128 – arranged by BDCT


Further Notes - specific scenarios