Practice Leads

  • Doctors: Pardip Sandhu

Date Reviewed

26th May 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Please note that there is a full comprehensive ASHCROFT LOCAL template on SystmOne.  Please use it.  The timings are really crucial.

Shared care request comes into practice asking us to continue/initiate denosumab

At the Dr appt: use doctor’s page of template

  • Give pt denosumab PIL
  • Discussion with patient
  • Adds medication to other hospital mediation( to ensure injection does not get issued with rpt medication
  • Sends a scheduled task to admin – this will go to admin in 5m
  • State date +/- 10 for timing of next injection


Admin receives a scheduled task and rings patient

  1. books pt in for injection at exactly 6m +/-10 of last injection
  2. books appt for blood test at least 1 week before injection is due

***timing of this injection is imperative.  If after ringing the patient 3 times you have not had a reply please send the denosumab letter and send an urgent task to Pardip

At HCA appt :  use Nurses page part A of template

If this is the 1st appt for denosumab and patient has not had it before check calcium and vit D,

If the patient has had denosumab before then only check calcium level before injection

At PN appt: use Nurses page Part B and C of template

If 1st injection pt booked in for Ca in 2 wk  &New scheduled task set for 5m