Cremation Forms and Fees

Practice Leads

  • Doctors: The Practice Partners
  • Admin: Chris Rushton

Date Reviewed

6th Sept 2016

Date of Next Review

September 2017

Crem Fees for Part 1:

  • Can I remind people that if you receive a fee for a part 1 cremation form, as this is part of your in-house surgery hours, this must be passed to the practice via admin/Pam Brown.
  • Cheques should be made payable to ‘ASHCROFT SURGERY’ – and not your own name.
  • Crem forms and fees are monitored at Ashcroft.

Crem Fees for Part 2:

  • Part 2 Crems are done for another practice patient so if accepted must be completed in your own time and not as one of our HV slots, for example.
  • Payment for this is rightly yours.