Staff Training & Certification Matrix

These tables help Ashcroft Surgery to ensure that all of our staff are up to date with their training.  In turn, this will hopefully help us do our jobs better.   You can click on any column heading to sort via that field.   If there are items here that need updating, please email Chris Rushton on  .


NAMEGMC no.CRBMPS/MDUBLSFireAdult SafeGChild SafeGGPwSI updateInfo GovInfect ControlAppraisal
Khan Ashraf20/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0420/08/0408/10/1420/08/04
Mehay Ramesh20/08/04
Krishnan Sudhir20/08/04
Kumar Vijay20/08/04
Hamblin Liz20/08/04
Bamber Paul
Sandhu Pardip
Dhillan Jaz
Purvis Mark
GP Trainee 1
GP Trainee 2
GP Trainee 3
GP Trainee 4


NAMENNCCRBMPS/MDUBLSFireAdult SageGChild SafeGSmearImmsInfo GovInfec ControlAppraisal
Booth Zoe08/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/14
Young Jo
Greenwood Mel
Coleman Laura
Baildon Maureen (HCA)
Ahmed Samera (HCA)
Kerin Chantelle (HCA)


NAMEROLECRBBLSFireAdult SafeGChild SafeGInfo GovAppraisal
Rushton ChrisPM08/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/1408/10/14
Brown PamAssistant PM
Serrant ChristineAdmin
O'Shea VickyAdmin
Elliot LynneAdmin
Shaw LindaAdmin
Doherty SueAdmin
Parker SallieAdmin
Noble AliceAdmin
McGinty SamAdmin
Horbsby TrishTyping
Singh ManjitClinical Coder