Ashcroft Surgery is now under Dr Mehay and partners

[quote]Dear patient,[/quote]

Dr Khan has now retired from the practice.    However, this does not mean he has left – one is allowed to retire in order to collect one’s pension and then, after a break, come back to work again.   Dr Khan is now back at work but is part-time and not full-time.   Although Dr Mehay is also part-time, he is now the new senior partner.  Dr Mehay has been with the practice since 2001.    He is the practice’s lead for education and training.   He is also a GP Trainer – which means that he trains doctors up to become fully qualified GPs.  He is half-time at the practice and he spends the rest of his time at the University, teaching our future GPs and other GP educators.   He is an all rounded GP and can deal with most medical problems.

The letterhead for Ashcroft Surgery will now read ‘Dr Mehay and Partners’.   If you still wish to see Dr Khan, you can do so.  But please remember that getting in with him might prove sometimes difficult because he is back as part-time.   We would also like to remind all our patients that whilst each of you has a nominated doctor at this surgery that you are registered with, this does not mean you have to see that doctor when you come to the surgery.  We have to assign you to a nominated doctor because that is a contractual requirement on our part. However, you can see any doctor (providing they are available).    Do feel free to book an appointment with a doctor that you’d like to see.

And finally…

If you have discussed a particular problem with a doctor before, please try and see that same doctor if you’re coming back about same problem.  This will help prevent you from having to explain the whole problem right from the beginning again and it will also be easier for that previous doctor to pick up from where ever they left.  For other new problems, please feel free to book an appointment with whoever you wish to see.


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