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Click here to access the complete easy guide to 'MANAGING YOUR INFECTION'

  • Are you on 10 or more medication?
  • Don't know what they are for?
  • Fed up of taking so many?
  • Have some questions you've been meaning to ask?

Then give us a call...

07944 515 915

Please know which surgery you belong to.  We will need this information.

  • Sick and tired of nuisance calls?
  • Both on your home phone or landline?
  • Want them to stop?

A quick registration with TPS – telephone preference service (which costs nothing) will stop nuisance calls and text messages.   It's free and takes no time at all.   Click here…


Who are TPS?

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service. It is the official central opt out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so.

 If someone keeps bothering you, make a complaint through this link


I've got an appointment, but I don't know what to say.

Some patients find it difficult to really express what they want to say.   As doctors and nurses, we understand this.    So - why not click the very simple and easy appointment guide below which will help you express what you really want to say.   Other patients have loved it.  We hop you do too.

Click here for the appointment guide.

Our Blog

We hope you find some of our latest posts an interesting read. 


Pharmacies will shortly no longer be able to order your prescription

By DocMehay | 22 Nov 2016

Are you on medication that you regularly take every month? Does the pharmacist  order it for you? Does the pharmacist then pick it up and deliver it to you? If the answer is yes, please read this page carefully. So what’s happening? Before the start of 2017, pharmacies will no long be able to order …

Pharmacies will shortly no longer be able to order your prescriptionRead More »

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Was your baby born premature?

By DocMehay | 22 Nov 2016

How can I help my baby avoid infections? What are the most common infectious illnesses? I’m worried – what can I do? Want information about vaccinations   Then click on: http://www.bliss.org.uk/winter “When Leo came home, I felt he was so vulnerable that I didn’t want to leave the house. This made me feel very isolated. …

Was your baby born premature?Read More »

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If you’re pregnant, get the flu jab.

By DocMehay | 21 Nov 2016

Even if you feel well, you should get the jab to protect both you and your unborn baby. Click here and watch the video.   BOGOF If you’re a pregnant mum who gets the flu vaccination. Baby is also protected for a few months after birth #StayWellThisWinter pic.twitter.com/lwKHVy5i0n — Healthy Bradford (@HealthyBrad4d) November 21, 2016

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Are you cold at home? Need help with heating?

By DocMehay | 10 Nov 2016

Click here to read more.  To access these services or for further information please visit: www.first4contact.org Or telephone 01274 449 660 [pdf-embedder url=”http://www.ashcroftsurgery.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/helpwithheating.pdf”]

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Did you know we have Health Trainers you can go and see?

By DocMehay | 09 Nov 2016

We realise that we all have issues in our lives that may affect our health in some way.  We can provide support and access to other services that can help you improve your health.  We can help you feel happier and reduce stress stop smoking, eat healthier, get fit and help manage your weight deal …

Did you know we have Health Trainers you can go and see?Read More »

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Millions of patients are putting unnecessary strain on the NHS – are you one of them?

By DocMehay | 08 Nov 2016

Millions of patients are putting unnecessary strain on GP surgeries and A&E departments by seeking medical help for minor complaints such as colds, insect bites and dandruff, according to a report.   Is this you?  Do you decide to see a GP or go to A&E willy-nilly or do you stop for a moment and think?  …

Millions of patients are putting unnecessary strain on the NHS – are you one of them?Read More »

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Free & New Counselling Service

By DocMehay | 03 Nov 2016

A message from the BD10 Self Help Centre (on Idlethorpe Way in Thorpe Edge)…. We are offering time limited Relational counselling sessions in 12 week blocks at the discreet BD10 offices at York House.  We have fully insured, qualified BACP registered Psychotherapist  working with us.  Therefore we are offering time limited Relational counselling sessions in …

Free & New Counselling ServiceRead More »

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New Service – we now have a Well-being Worker!

By DocMehay | 03 Nov 2016

Would you like to see the  Well-being Worker? For things like ·    Weight loss ·    Stress, Anxiety, Feeling Low or Depressed ·    Finance & Gambling Problems ·    Boyfriend/Girlfriend problems ·    Marriage problems ·    How to prevent trips and falls ·    How to stay safe during hot & cold weather ·    Understand national screening campaigns Ask …

New Service – we now have a Well-being Worker!Read More »

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CQC report on Ashcroft Surgery

By DocMehay | 25 Oct 2016

Click here to read this report right now. The CQC stands for Care Quality Commission.   It is the independent regulator for health and social care in England.    It makes sure services such as GP surgeries, care homes, hospitals and dentists, provide patients with safe, effective, compassionate and high quality care.   It encourages us to continually …

CQC report on Ashcroft SurgeryRead More »

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Counselling, Help with Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs/Debt & Other Useful Numbers

These organisations are here to help you.   Please consider giving them a call.  They'll be delighted that you did.  

Feeling depressed, anxious, OCD? Relationship or other life difficulties? Health anxiety, Phobias or Sleep problems?
Please consider counselling.

Do you have and want help with either your mood, nerves, stress, phobia or any other life situation?    Now you can see a counsellor directly without having to see your GP.   The service is confidential.  Counsellors can help with all sorts of problems including...

  • anxiety, panic attacks, depression, post-natal depression/anxiety, health anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • relationship issues, difficult/challenging life events, mid-life crises
  • sleep problems, phobias

How to get seen:

Do you need help with Alcohol?

At Ashcroft, we provide an Alcohol Service every Tues 9-1130am run by an Alcohol Health Care Worker called Tamara Paul. Patients can refer themselves. Simply ring or email Tamara herself or ask a person on reception at Ashcroft to book you in. Tamara is happy to see patients who are social drinkers, dependent drinkers, binge drinkers and ex-drinkers.

  • Ring her on 07702900654
  • Email: Tamara.Paul@bradford.nhs.uk

Click here to read more

There's also another new Alcohol & Drugs recovery service in Bradford

It's totally confidential and it's free for adults, families and others that are concerned.   Click on the link:


Do you need help to Stop Smoking?

If you are thinking about or wanting to stop smoking, please ask one of our receptionists to book you with a smoking cessation advisor.

Remember - stopping smoking AT ANY AGE has big benefits.    Smoking contributes strongly to lung disease, heart disease and some cancers.

Thing about stopping - it's one of the biggest things you can do for your health!

Basics & Essentials

We've picked some areas which we thing are important for all patients to know about or which patients commonly find confusing

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What's On in Bradford?

Here are some things happening in Bradford that you might want to explore further.

Activities, Groups & Walks in Bradford

Here are some activities, groups and walks that are happening in the Bradford and surrounding areas.  Click on a link.  We will try our best to keep this page up to date.

Fun things & Events in Bradford

Life is for living!   Did you know that there's lots to do in Bradford and the surrounding areas.    And there are new events every week - and many are free!  Click on a link below to explore...


Our Mission Statement
At Ashcroft Surgery, we simply believe in one thing....
'always trying to do the right thing'.  This means doing the
right thing for our patients, our staff, the community, the city,
the region, the nation and so on.
To read more click here...

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