Meet the Team

Let’s Meet the Team
….but before we do

Our practice leaflet tells you all about the people who work at Ashcroft Surgery.  It tells you about the services we offer, useful telephone numbers and lots more.    And you can print it off too!

Click here for our Practice Leaflet

Our Doctors

We have a number of doctors working at Ashcroft Surgery. Each doctor is competent in General Practice and we would like to think that each one is approachable, personable and friendly.  Please remember, you do not have to see the doctor that you are registered under. You can see any of these doctors. However, for a particular problem, we suggest you keep seeing the same doctor for it so that they can build up a better picture of what is going on and therefore help you better. Please don’t hop around from one doctor to the next about the same problem unless you’re not happy with the first doctor you saw.  Here is a list of our doctors and their special areas of interest. Do remember, all our doctors are able to deal with most problems in general practice and therefore you should not feel that you are restricted to seeing a particular doctor with a particular interest. It’s up to you who you go and choose to see


Dr Ramesh Mehay (PARTNER)

  • 5/9 time – 3.5 surgeries per week
  • (Male) MB ChB Reg.
  • Qualified from Leeds University
  • Special Interests: Cancer Care, Palliative Care, Anxiety & Depression, GP Registrar Training

Dr Mehay is the senior partner in the practice.  Although Dr Mehay (pronounced Muh-Hey) is comfortable with dealing with all types of problems, he has a particular interest in Cancer Care, Palliative Care, Anxiety and Depression.      He also looks after the GP trainees in the practice as a qualified GP trainer.   So you will often see him with a trainee or two.  Dr Mehay joined the practice in 2001, is heavily involved with training and if not in the surgery, will be probably training people somewhere.  He is also a senior honorary lecturer at the University of Leeds and was formerly a Training Programme Director in Bradford (for 15 years).   In 2008 he was editor of a GP training book called The Essential Handbook of GP Training and Education – over 50 people (mostly GPs) up and down the country helped write that book and not surprisingly it is now a national standard text for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for GP Trainers in over 5 UK universities.  Click the link to read the reviews.

Dr Ashraf Khan (PARTNER)

  • 7/9 full-time – 4 surgeries per week
  • (Male) MB ChB Reg.
  • Qualified from Cardiff University
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery 1988
  • Special Interests: Acupuncture, Ear Nose Throat medicine, Muscle & Joint problems, Joint injections, Anxiety & Depression, Medical Student training

Dr Khan is also a senior partner in the practice.  He has a special interest in acupuncture, Ear Nose & Throat medicine, and Muscle/Joint problems.  He can do joint injections too.  Whilst Dr Mehay looks after the GP trainees attached to the practice, Dr Khan looks after the medical students.   Dr Khan qualified from the Welsh National Medical School in Cardiff and did his GP training in Amersham in Buckinghamshire.  He has lived in Yorkshire for the past 20 years.   He joined the surgery in 1988.   He is married with 3 expensive kids – but he says his wife is even more expensive!

Dr Sudhir Krishnan (PARTNER)

  • 9/9 full time – 8 surgeries per wk
  • (Male) MBBS
  • Qualified from India
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2005
  • Special Interests: Heart problems (Cardiology), Joint injections, GP Training

Dr Krishnan is the only partner who is full-time at the practice – and so you’ll see him around most days of the working week.  Like Dr Mehay, he is also a GP trainer and you will often see a GP trainee hanging around with him too.   Dr Krishnan is our practice lead for heart related matters.    He can also inject joints.

Dr Pardip Sandhu (PARTNER)

  • 6/9 Time – 5 surgeries per week
  • (Female) MB BS Reg.
  • Qualified from London
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2009
  • Special Interests: Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Diabetes.

Dr Sandhu is one of our newest partners having been an employed salaried GP for a while.   We’re delighted to have her because she is always thinking about how we can help our patients better.   She has a particular interest in women’s health, sexual health, diabetes and skin complaints.   However, like the rest of our doctors, she can deal with a wide range of problems.

Dr Liz Hamblin

  • 4.5/9 Time – 4 surgeries per week
  • (Female) MBChB
  • Qualified from Leeds
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2004
  • Special Interests: Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Anxiety & Depression.

Dr Hamblin is one of our part-time doctors who is employed by the practice (unlike the partners, who own the practice).  She has been at Ashcroft for a long time and we see her as a valuable part of the team.   She’s very approachable and caring (like all our staff) and she has a special interest in women’s health and sexual health.

Dr Jaskiran Dhillon (EMPLOYED GP)

  • 4/9 Time – 3 surgeries per week
  • (Female) MBChB Reg.
  • Qualified from Leeds
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2010
  • Special Interests: Women’s Health, Sexual Health

Dr Dhillon is also an employed doctor at the practice.    She is a young mum and works part-time at the practice.  She has a particular interest in women’s health, sexual health and diabetes.   She is kind, caring and approachable.   We’re delighted that she’s with us.

Dr Vijay Kumar (LOCUM)

  • 6/9 time – 6 surgeries per wk
  • (Male) MBBS 1980, PLAB 1984, FRCS 1989
  • Qualified from India
  • Joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2005
  • Special Interests: Minor Surgery, Skin problems (Dermatology), Joint injections

Dr Kumar is our long term locum.  He is employed by us to provide general medical services and also helps us deliver a minor surgery service for things like taking of skin lumps and bumps, ingrowing toe-nails and so on.    He can also do joint injections.

Other Health Workers

We have a variety of other health professionals working at the surgery.  You may not have heard of some of these before and many are new roles.  This section will help you understand more about their roles and background training.

The practice currently employs two Advanced Practitioners.  These are health professionals (like qualified nurses or pharmacists) who have done extended training (usually 2 years) so that they can do many of the things GPs can do.  In particular, our Advanced Practitioners can deal with most minor illnesses quite easily.    If you have a number of complex medical conditions, then please see a GP.   But otherwise, think about seeing our Advanced Practitioners – Zoe and Qamar – both of whom have really warm, friendly and approachable personalities.  And again, if they ever feel out of their depth, they will always seek the advise of a GP.

Our surgery also has counsellors, health trainers (supporting people with anxiety, depression, losing weight, improving self confidence, dieting and so on) and a Housing & Benefits advisor.   Simply ask at reception to find out more.

A We usually have 2-4 GP trainees at the practice who change roughly every year.   GP trainees are different than medical students in that they are FULLY QUALIFIED doctors who are now pursuing a career in General Practice and therefore striving to become qualified GPs.   GP training is a 3 year programme and our GP trainees can be either in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of training.   Although most are learning the art of General Practice, remember that they are fully qualified doctors – and can handle most general problems.   If they feel they are out of their depth – they will always seek the opinion of a GP in the practice.

As we’ve said, medical students are different than GP trainees in that they (medical students) are not qualified doctors.  They are trying to become qualified doctors.   They are therefore not qualified to see patients without supervision for an experienced qualified GP.  To become a qualified doctor, medical students have to study for 5 years and pass all their exams every year.   It’s very hard work.   We hope you will allow our medical students into your care – they’re keen to learn and we will only get really good doctors in the future if our patients are willing to let them learn from them.   You have lots you can teach our trainees.   Please remember, every contact a medical student has with a patient will have been supervised by a qualified health professional.  We hope this helps you feel safe and secure in their hands.  Ashcroft surgery takes medical students in their 3rd, 4th and 5th years of training.



Our Nurses

Our nurses provide an additional service to the Doctors like new patient checks, cervical smears, clinics for various diseases, vaccinations, family planning advice, help with your weight, stopping smoking, blood pressures, blood tests and so much more.

Some of our nurses specialise in different areas. If you would like to see one of our nurses who, for example, specialises in Diabetes, please let reception staff know. We have nurses who specialise in Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Heart Disease, Stroke, Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease – just ask our reception staff and they will tell you who is who.  All of our nurses are personable, approachable and friendly. Those of you who have met them will know that they go the extra mile for you.



Zoe Booth
I am the Senior Practice Nurse and I qualified from Bradford University in 2002.   I work full-time covering all areas of practice nursing but I have a special interest in chest disease (such as asthma and COPD) as well as women’s health.  I am involved in training student nurses – our next generation of nurses!  I am also training to be an Advanced Practitioner.

Joanna Young
I qualified from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009 and I have been working at Ashcroft ever since.  I am able to offer all chronic disease management – including Diabetes, COPD, asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardiovascular (heart) disease.  I am also available for smears, immunisations, ear syringing and wound care.  I work part-time and my usual working days are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Melanie Greenwood
I am a practice nurse and I qualified from Bradford University in 2007.   I work part-time (15 hours) on a Monday and Friday.  I cover all aspects of Practice Nursing such as Diabetes, lung disease and heart disease management.   I also perform a number of other duties like immunisations, dressings and well-woman checks.

Laura Coleman
I joined the team here at Ashcroft in 2015.   I have come from a specialised renal (kidney) hospital background where i was involved with renal dialysis and kidney transplants for 5 years.    I can provide a variety of nursing services along with the other nurses.

Our Health Care Assistants

Health Care Assistants are qualified professionals who help assist the nurses with some of their duties – like taking bloods, doing heart tracings, doing heights and weights and so much more.  In addition, they run specialised services of their own – like stop smoking clinics.

Maureen Baildon
I am a health care professional who, in addition to all of the above, also assist the doctors with minor surgery.   I’ve been at the practice since 2000.   Although I have officially retired (and look lots younger than you might think), I can’t keep away from the practice!

Chantelle Kerin
I started at Ashcroft as a receptionist and through training have become an experienced Health Care Assistant.     And I am now training to become a fully qualified nurse.    (Ashcroft Surgery says… we think Chantelle is an great example of how you can achieve more and more – but only if you are willing to try.  Well done Chantelle.  Don’t ever think about leaving us – LOL).

Sameera Ahmed
I joined Ashcroft Surgery in 2015.  Previously I  worked at the vascular unit at Bradford Royal Infirmary (the department that specialises in circulation matters).   I have a very bubbly and friendly personality which I feel is a necessity in this area of work.


Our Reception Staff

Our reception and admin staff help run the practice.  They organise things like appointments, home visits and repeat prescriptions – they have  a lot to do.  The practice could not function without them – they are our backbone!  All of our reception staff are trained to be polite and helpful.   In return, they would value your patience at busy times – when your request cannot be dealt with immediately.   Do remember that they genuinely want to help you.   Our practice will be particularly busy between 0800 and 1100 – so if your enquiry is not urgent, please wait til after this time (like blood test results, making a routine appointment).

We totally understand how it can be frustrating for you when you’re waiting a long time or when something doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to. Most of our patients are very good in terms of their patience – thank you.   A small minority of patients can get rather irate and irritable (and we’d like to remind these few that even verbal aggression can result in your removal from the surgery list).   Please bear in mind the fact that mistakes are often not the result of one individual – so be kind and patient with the reception person dealing with you.    Besides, if you’re nice to someone, it’s more likely they will go the extra mile to help you!   In short, it’s easier just to be nice.

It is also helpful if you could inform the receptionist of why you wish to see the doctor.  By doing this, they can then tell you of other more appropriate services that you may not know about and hence be offered the correct assistance.  Knowing your reason also helps them to help the doctor or nurse manage their work.

Thank you so much in advance for trying to abide by this guidance.



The currrent list of our admin staff are…

  • Claire Broadbent
  • Sue Doherty
  • Lynne Elliot
  • Rebecca Farrell
  • Patricia Hornsby  (mainly responsible for doing letters)
  • Sam McGinty
  • Alice Noble
  • Vicky O’Shea
  • Linda Shaw
  • Manjit Singh (our Read-coder, makes sure your medical records have up-to-date clinical information in them)
  • Sallie Parker (deals with medical reports)


Our Managers

The managers at Ashcroft are the key leads in terms of the running of the practice.    Whilst the doctors, nurses and health professionals attend to your medical needs, the managers look at how the practice actually works and runs and makes sure all the background stuff (that you never get to see) is in place.  They help unify us all so that Ashcroft Surgery delivers a service which is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

Chris Rushton
I Hello, I am Chris, the Practice Manager for Ashcroft Surgery and I have been here for over a decade.   Along with Pam (see below), I administrate and organise the smooth running of the practice (with things like finance, contracts, services and staff).   If you have a concern, complaint, suggestion or even a compliment about the practice, then please get in touch with me.  Simply pick up the phone, dial in and ask the receptionist to put you though to me.  Alternatively, you can write to me.   We are always keen on hearing from you – but we cannot do that if you don’t get involved and speak to us.

Pam Brown
Hello there, my name is Pam and I have been at Ashcroft for a very long time!   I am the Assistant Practice Manager.  I help support our Practice Manager, Chris, with his tasks.    You might like to speak to me instead of Chris.   Either of us would be more than happy to talk to you.




Ashcroft Surgery

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursdays  closed 1:00 pm – 3:00 am
Saturday & Sunday closed (ring 111 for advice)
Bank Holidays closed (ring 111 for advice)